New Name for the Hall

the late Norman Price with babyWe are pleased to announce that when the Hall re-opens in July it will have a new name: Tŷ Price – St Thomas’ Community Hall.

The change reflects its future use as a community facility, which will be open to all, and in tribute to Revd. Norman Price, Vicar of Overmonnow from 1964 to 1993. Norman is fondly remembered for his pastoral work in the community and for the time when the Hall was in a serious state after bad flooding in 1979. The church had no funds for the repairs but Norman said ‘Have faith, it will all come right’. Plans were made and with the aid of a Youth Opportunity Scheme, various donations and other help, the Hall was saved.

Revd. David McGladdery, present Vicar of Monmouth said, “People always tell me how they were helped by Norman and his wife Eira, and it is fitting to name the Hall in recognition. We hope the whole community will benefit from the new work done to extend and improve the Hall.”

We also have a new logo, designed by David Evans of Platform One, Monmouth. This features a group of people and the Overmonnow Market Cross to reflect the role of the hall as a community meeting place. The market cross is thought to have been in place in Overmonnow since at least 1039.

Overmonnow Market Cross
Overmonnow Market Cross

Team Vicar, Revd. Catherine Haynes said “We are looking forward to working with partners to provide a range of activities for the community”. Tŷ Price will have an enlarged main room for up to 60 people and three smaller rooms and modern facilities. It will also be available for booking on a regular or one-off basis. Plans are being made for the re-opening of the hall at the end of July although fundraising is continuing for the equipment and furniture for hall.

If anyone would like more information about the project or to make a donation please contact Steve Martin (Project Co-ordinator) email: