Hall development- March update

The new stairs in St Thomas' Hall
The new stairs

Work inside the Hall is progressing swiftly, and we now have the electricians and plumbers installing the wiring and pipework. Extra work has been needed to correct problems we found in the construction of the old parts of the building and to deal with other issues. The Hall will be handed back in early June. We will then need to do various finishing works.

Future activities
As well as all that happened previously, we have said we will have drop-in ‘coffee and comfort’ sessions, lunch club, provide advice, listening/counselling, a ‘Job Club’ and run a ‘Money Course’. We will develop these gently. We are grateful to people who have already offered to help with these activities but will be needing to involve more church (and non-church) members as we go along.

Partners, ideas and help
We had an excellent meeting with other agencies on 25th January. There was a great deal of support for our plans and ideas for collaboration and help – for example young people from schools volunteering to help with a lunch club, and possible financial help from the Town Council and Rotary.

This was followed by our first ‘ideas and help’ workshop at Monmouth Priory. Over 30 people came along and were bursting with good ideas. Ideas ranged from making sure we have some chairs with arms for those needing support, declaring the hall a ‘no blu tack zone’, and using the hall for an after-school homework club.
The next session is on Saturday 4th March at Monmouth Priory from 10.30-11.30am. All are welcome, come and share your ideas.

The extra costs we incurred will leave very little for finishing and equipment once the main building work is done. We are seeking extra grants and donations towards the extra building costs – such as the rebuilding of the wall (see below) and also towards the kitchen, chairs and tables, the garden, and to prepare for some of the activities. Jane Stone is going to ‘walk 1,000 miles’ to raise funds towards the finishing work – please support her.

The ‘wall problem’
During preliminary work, it was necessary to take down nine metres of unsafe garden wall before the pile driving for our extension foundations started. This work had to be done by hand, and the bricks kept to re-instate the wall. As our hall is a listed building, it is a requirement that the wall is put back as it was originally. We now have to install new foundations for this wall and pay to have the wall re-built. There are approximately 2,000 bricks that we have stored in the garden, but this will be unsafe for the children who will be using the garden, so the wall needs to be rebuilt before then. We have a quote for £6,344.00 to have the wall rebuilt.
If anyone can help with a Donation, please contact Bill Leddington, Tel:- 01600 714 457 or w.leddington@btopenworld.com.

How to help or get involved

  • Offer to get involved in a particular activity, or help with a task;
  • Have ‘Afternoon Tea with Bishop Dominic’ on 5th March
  • Join (or re-join) the 100 Club when it restarts shortly;
  • watch out for the chance to ‘buy a chair for the hall’ in due course;
  • sponsor Jane Stone as she ‘walks 1,000 miles in a year’.
  •  Pray for all involved in the redevelopment; that it will help build God’s kingdom in Monmouth.